Edward is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Cambridge, focusing on operations research and network science.


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Thesis Supervision

Name Program University Thesis PI
Jonathan Chen Visiting MPhil 2023 ETH Zurich Uncertainty modelling in supply chain knowledge graph extraction. Alexandra Brintrup and Torbjørn Netland
Philipp Schaffer Visiting MPhil 2023 RWTH Aachen Natural Language Processing for supply chain knowledge graph extraction. Alexandra Brintrup and Torsten-Oliver Salge
Nils Brockmann MPhil 2022 University of Cambridge Supply chain link prediction on an uncertain knowledge graph. Alexandra Brintrup
Ajmal Aziz MPhil 2021 University of Cambridge Data considerations in graph representation learning for supply chain networks. Alexandra Brintrup
Owen Underwood MET Tripos Part IIB 2020 University of Cambridge Supply chain disruption prediction. Alexandra Brintrup and Anisoara Calinescu


M3 Data and Modeling: Cambridge University Institute for Manufacturing MPhil Program.
Applied Process Mining for Management: Cambridge University Continuing Education Programme


Angel Investing

Name Description Investment Year Investing Arm Co-Investors
Early In-bathroom health monitoring 2023 Creator Fund Softbank Ventures Asia, LocalGlobe
Neuranics Miniaturised magnetic sensing 2023 Creator Fund confidential
Stanhope AI Active inference 2023 Creator Fund confidential
Malt AI Distilling LLM 2023 Creator Fund confidential
Beyond Math AI for engineering design 2023 Creator Fund UP Partners
Planetary Processing Massively multiplayer online game at scale 2023 Creator Fund Cambridge Enterprise, Blue Wire Capital
Marqo Multimodal vector search engine 2022 Creator Fund confidential
Signaloid Uncertainty for hardware 2022 Creator Fund Cambridge Enterprise, IQ Capital
Fairgen Generative AI for consumer research 2022 Creator Fund Tal Ventures
Glyphic Large language models for B2B sales 2022 Creator Fund Point72 Ventures
Turing Biosystems AI for drug development 2022 Creator Fund confidential
Caeruleus Genomics Machine learning for gene sequencing 2022 Creator Fund Oxford University
Apian Healthcare logistics delivered by drone 2022 Creator Fund confidential
Paperplane Automating salesforce 2022 Creator Fund Y Combinator, Bloomberg Beta


Exhibited at Heong Gallery Cambridge for the Twining Egginton Prize for Fine Art 2023